Game season

Grouse 20th August for 2 weeks
Grouse will be on the specials in the evenings only for a fortnight only from the 20 th August. Grouse stocks have recovered this year, and we rely on the Rhug Estate to supply us with game as we trust their high standards.

Grouse is king of the game because of the richness and complex flavour of the meat – its sweetness combined with its gameyness. It is also rich in iron and low in cholesterol. We prepare it simply roasted, with the legs confit, and liver crostino, serving it with barley and girolle risotto. Head Chef Massimo has taken inspiration from Central Italy, using the seasonal fragola grapes with a distinctive strawberry flavour to accompany the grouse, and Lambrusco wine from Cantina Ceci for the sauce.

Grouse with girolle and barley risotto

Game is a great addition to the menu when in season – because it is naturally reared, lean and very flavoursome. It is part of the British culture but also fits well with the Italian food heritage.

Opening Times

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