Bianchetto Truffle Fortnight 11-23 March

The much sought-after Bianchetto Spring Truffle or Marzuolo (Tuber Borchii) is sometimes confused with the white, but is darker and browner in colour with a strong, distinctive piquant flavour reminiscent of garlic. It is the perfect substitute for its prized winter cousin, having a short season from early February to the end of March and is ideal to enrich warm dishes such as egg, meat fillets and risotto

Carciofo al forno 16.50

Baked artichoke heart with deep-fried egg and parmesan carbonara

Agnolotti Toscani 15.50
Homemade agnolotti pasta filled with organic braised meats,
butter and sage sauce

Faraona con barba di frate 25.00
Roast breast of guineafowl, leg sausage, creamed potato
and barba di frate

Truffle supplement £8

V Vegetarian * Non gluten-containing ingredients
Please advise us of any allergies

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