Lunch a la carte


Parmesan “from the valley, hills, mountain” selected and aged by Spigaroli, with walnut and celery (Emilia Romagna) V / * 16.00

Broad bean puree, roasted peppers, grilled courgettes and aubergines, homemade pickles (Puglia) V / * 13.50

Burrata with deep-fried courgette flower, fresh datterini tomato coulis (Puglia) V 16.50

Seared lamb’s kidneys wrapped in pancetta with mint and pecorino, herb salad (Abruzzo) * 14.50

Marinaded mackerel with black pepper and orange, cucumber, tomato, apple and spring onion salad (Sicilia) * 14.50

Seared scallops, fresh borlotti, red onion and chicory salad (Veneto) * 20.50

Thinly sliced roasted rose veal with tuna salsa, green bean and potato salad, caper leaves (Piemonte) * 16.50

Culatello di Zibello with homemade pickles (Emilia Romagna) * 25.00

Cured meats –Culatello, capocollo, black pig pancetta,
black pig Salame antico, homemade rye toast and pickles (Emilia Romagna) 25.00




Risotto with summer truffle and stracchino cheese (Lombardia) (V) / * 17.50 /21.50

Aubergine ravioli, fiaschetto tomato sauce, basil and ricotta salata (Sicilia) V 15.50 / 19.50

Homemade trenette (eggless fresh pasta) with pesto, samphire and smoked haddock (Liguria) (V) 14.50/18.50

Pasta parcels of organic chicken and beef, butter, sage and parmesan sauce (Lombardia) 15.50 / 19.50 (£6 truff supp)

Pappardelle with “Senatore Cappelli” semolina, Pekin duck ragout (Toscana) 15.50/19.50

Linguine with fresh Cornish lobster, datterini tomato, garlic and chilli (Campania) 28.50


Fillet of monkfish with Venere rice and clams (Veneto) * 32.00

Roast turbot (on the bone) with tomato and olives, potato roasted with pecorino and garlic (Puglia) * 36.00

Roast and braised rabbit with carrot, onion, celery, olives, capers, pine nuts and tomato (Sicilia) * 27.00

Calves liver with butter and sage, apple puree, Tropea cipollotti and caraway seeds (Trentino) * 27.00

Braised organic salt marsh lamb “brodettato” with egg, lemon and parmesan spring vegetables, deep-fried courgette flower (Abruzzo) 29.00

Pan-fried English rose veal fillet, roasted peppers, tomato and anchovy (Piemonte) * 35.00



Wilted spinach / Green beans / Sauteed potato 5.50

Deep-fried courgette 6.00

Salads: Green / Mixed / Tomato / Rocket 5.00

Rocket and parmesan 6.00

V Vegetarian * Non-gluten containing ingredients Please advise us of any allergies


Opening Times

Monday - Thursday,   Lunch 12.00 - 14.30,   Dinner 18.30 - 22.30
Friday & Saturday,   Lunch 12.00 - 14.30,   Dinner 18.30 - 23.00