Lunch a la carte


Broad bean puree, asparagus chicory (Puglia) V / * 12.50

Apulian burrata, scarola endive, seared datterini tomato, olives, anchovy and capers (Campania) (V) / * 14.50

Baked artichoke heart with deep-fried egg and parmesan carbonara (Lazio) 15.50

Sardines on toasted rye bread with pecorino, garlic and parsley, cime di rape, datterini tomato and chilli (Puglia) 12.50

Seared squid, Colfiorito lentils, giardiniera salad and pepper preserve (Toscana) * 15.50

Thinly sliced roasted rose veal with tuna salsa, green bean and potato salad, caper leaves (Piemonte) * 15.50

Parma ham 30 month aged with homemade pickles (Emilia Romagna) * 24.00

Cured meats: Parma ham, salame antico, coppa from Martina Franca, black pig lardo con magro, rye bread toast, homemade pickles (Emilia Romagna) 24.00




Risotto with wild mushrooms (Piemonte) V / * 14.50/18.50

Ravioli filled with chestnut and ricotta, butter and thyme sauce (Toscana) V 13.50/17.50

Pizzoccheri – homemade buckwheat pasta, potato, cabbage, Swiss chard, Bitto cheese (Lombardia) 13.50/17.50

Agnolotti filled with organic roasted meats and spinach, butter and sage (Piemonte) 13.50/17.50

Homemade pappardelle with Pekin Devon duck ragout, simmered with red wine and herbs (Toscana) 14.50/18.50

Spaghetti, fresh crab, tomato and garlic (Campania) 19.00/23.00


Fillet of lightly salted cod, pan-roasted Romanesco cauliflower, olives and datterini tomatoes (Campania) * 115 23.00

Fillet of line-caught sea bass, roasted artichoke, deep-fried fennel, fennel puree (Veneto) 137 32.00

Roast breast of guineafowl, leg sausage, radicchio tardivo, peara’ sauce (Veneto) 206 23.00

Calves liver, butter and sage, borettane onions, roast pumpkin puree (Emilia Romagna) * 223 22.00

Slow-cooked shin of English rose veal, celeriac puree, roasted root vegetables (Lombardia) * 468 22.00

Seared fillet of venison and braised shoulder, wild mushrooms, spaezle, homemade crauti (Alto Adige) 237 32.00



Wilted spinach / Green beans / Sauteed potato 5.50

Cime di rape / Deep-fried courgette 6.00

Salads: Green / Mixed / Tomato / Rocket 5.00

Rocket and parmesan 6.00


Fava bean puree, red onion (Puglia) V / * 6.50

Radicchio tardivo sautéed with lardo Spigaroli (Veneto) * 7.50

Asparagus chicory, egg, parmesan (Puglia) V / * 6.50

Colfiorito lentil and giardiniera salad (Toscana) V / * 6.50

Burrata, datterini tomato (Puglia) V / * 10.50

Seared squid, chilli dressing (Calabria) * 10.00

Salame antico Spigaroli (nitrate-free) (Emilia Romagna) 8.50

Lardo con magro Spigaroli on toasted rye bread crostini (Emilia Romagna) 7.50

V Vegetarian * Non-gluten containing ingredients Please advise us of any allergies

Opening Times

Monday - Thursday,   Lunch 12.00 - 14.30,   Dinner 18.30 - 22.30
Friday & Saturday,   Lunch 12.00 - 14.30,   Dinner 18.30 - 23.00