Sourcing fine raw materials is the key to producing dishes with taste and identity.

Rhug Estate – beef, pork, lamb and game

Rhug Estate

We have been using the Rhug Estate to supply our meat and game for the last 20 years, because Lord Newborough is passionate about what he does; animal welfare standards are extremely high on the estate and the organic farm produces incredibly tasty meat from naturally reared animals 


Westons Rose Veal – Rose veal

Westons Rose Veal

This family-owned farm run by Neil Weston in Devon founded in 1904 produces rose veal, a great English product: the calves fed on milk are reared outdoors to high welfare standards. Their ethos is to rely on grass as a natural feed for the animals


Simply Fish – Catch (lobster, turbot etc )from day boats in Cornwall

Simply Fish

Based in Looe, Cornwall, one of the most famous fishing ports in the South-West, Simply Fish is owned by Dominic Sadler and Julian Clemens, both former chefs with a background in catering whose aim is to source their fish from small day boat fishermen in order to provide the finest, freshest fish at competitive prices


Fagiolo di Controne - Controne Beans

Fagiolo di Controne

Controne, a small town in Cilento (Campania) has a special microclimate and soil. Here there is a cottage industry producing these pearl-shaped white beans under the umbrella of The Association of Controne Bean producers established in 2007. The beans are known for their creamy texture and thin skins. They cook fast and are very digestible. Mario Pellegrino (pictured in the blue), a carpenter, grows these wonderful beans in his spare time and sends us 50kg every year.


Antica Corte Pallavicina – Culatello di Zibello and cured meats

Antica Corte Pallavicina

Massimo Spigaroli’s great grandfather, a sharecropper on the Piantador farm belonging to Giuseppe Verdi, came to Corte Pallavicina, and with his acquired expertise, raised livestock, grew vegetables and cured pork in the winter months using age-old methods. Culatello is the most prized salumi in Italy dating back to the 15th century, and the city of Zibello, due to its particular climate of thick winter fogs and biting cold is ideal for aging the meat to give it its characteristic sweetness and fragrance. Massimo has been the Chairman of both the Culatello and Parma Black Pig Consortiums and in 2007 was invited by Prince Charles to the Duchy of Cornwall as consultant gourmet and pork butcher


Pietra Santa – olive oil and tomato passata

Pietra Santa

Raffaelle Leobilla from Pietra Santa Azienda makes some of the finest olive oil in Puglia. He gave up a successful career as a chef to revive his parents’ farm, have having trained as a taster and producer of olive oil, he now produces a premium olive oil called Karpene from the Oliarola Cultivar olive trees which are over 2000 years old . And also tomato passata from an organically farmed old tomato variety called Fiaschetto


Azienda Agricola Del Trego – radicchio

Del Trego

Dario Francescato supplies us with some amazing radicchio, Tardivo, Rosa and Cicorino.
He is the 3rd generation from Del Trego farm near Treviso, Veneto, which specialises in growing radicchio among other Italian vegetables. He oversees the time-consuming process of cultivating and curing the radicchio


Tiziano – mushroom forager


Tiziano is a passionate forager, scours the woods of Southern England for dawn-harvested varieties of Chanterelles, Girolles, Porcini, lesser known Pied de Mouton and sometimes the funnel-shaped Black Trumpet

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